553 Bitcoin Minesweeper Game

What is provably fair?

Is your online casino playing fair? How can you tell, or how can you prove this? As you might know, this isn’t a relatively easy task, but with the advent of Blockchain technology, the online gambling industry was able to come up with a solution. A fairly simple and easy to implement solution called the “Provably fair algorithm” that can be used by any of the provably fair bitcoin casinos.

So, how does it work?

Well, the provably fair algorithm is an algorithm that makes randomizing actions as random as possible. It does this by leveraging a feature in Blockchain technologies known as entropy or randomization. A more straightforward and simple explanation would be; Entropy is like the action of shuffling cards in a card game.

The difference between this and other entropy algorithms typically used in the gambling industry is that the whole process is verifiable by each of all the players in a particular game. And this has led to the emergence of provably fair bitcoin casinos, which are some of the safest and fair online casinos.

Provably fair bitcoin casinos have leveraged this powerful feature of Blockchain technology and used it to enhance their transparency and accountability, and thus making it easy for players to verify that the casino plays a fair game and players have a fair chance of winning too.

How are we provably fair, or how do provably fair casinos work?

1. When you choose to start a new game, each player is assigned their own fresh and unique string of numbers, a hash, called the “Game Field Hash”. Each player can find this number at the bottom of their game page, and on our Minesweeper provably fair casino game, it is called the “Hashed Mine Location.”

2. Please take note of it and copy or write it down somewhere.

3. Now, Play the game.

4. By using the provably fair algorithm, the casino server, and your computer, via your web browser, are able to ask the algorithm to make calculations, and a hash comes out as output. So once done with playing or when the game is over, each player will get their own unique identifier hash known as “Mine Location Hash.”

5. On the game page and to your left-hand side, you should see a panel. And on this panel, there is each player’s randomized secret key and the “Mine Location hash.” The private key is your own secure password for the “Hashed Mine Location.”

6. By combining your secret private key and Mine Location Hash, the provably fair algorithm then makes calculations and comes up with your “Hashed Mine Location,” which is unique and assigned to each player. And with this string of numbers, now, each player is capable and can proceed to verify whether the game was provably fair.

7. To do that, go to https://www.freeformatter.com/hmac-generator.html; and from there, copy your “Mine Location hash” found on the game panel, and then paste it into the input box. Next, do the same for the secret key copy and paste into the input box just right under the “Mine Location hash.”

8. This online tool is a provably fair verifier, used by provably fair casinos and their players to prove whether a casino game is fair. You can use it for free as many times as you would like.

9. Next, right below the secret key, pick and set the “digest algorithm” to SHA256. This is the hashing algorithm used.

10. Then click on the “COMPUTE HMAC” button. The generator or tool will output a hash value, and then you can now verify whether the generated hash is the same as your “Hashed Mine Location” hash.

11. You can also verify whether the hash (Hashed Mine Location) is an HMAC(SHA256) by visiting an HMAC(SHA256) online verification tool. HMAC is a message authentication code that, compared to other message authentication codes, is the most secure.

By implementing the provably fair algorithm into our minesweeper casino, we become part of the few top provably fair casinos in the gambling industry, guaranteeing each player a fair game.

And by offering the possibility for each player to see and verify that we do not tamper with results or the game itself, we strengthen our integrity and commitment as part of the provably fair casinos.

By leveraging Blockchain technology, our minesweeper casino game is one of the most provably fair casino games out there. As part of the provably fair casinos, we believe in a fair game, fast payouts, and fast deposits for each player.